ABM Rinkai TMS automaticly plans daily belt routes

System Overview

The solution includes the maximum set of high-performance easy-to-use tools that have proven their worth in practical terms:

  • Plans in minutes instead of hours

    Hundreds of orders optimally distributed along the routes with due regards to all the constraints in a matter of minutes and within a single algorithm. The total number of orders does not matter, because our servers are good at handling thousands of orders.

  • Fewer vehicles

    On average, the system engages 12% fewer vehicles than if you do manual scheduling or even if other automatic routes planners are used. This is achieved mainly due to dynamic planning without limitations by zones or regions. Besides, the system also takes into account all weight and size specifications of the orders and vehicles both for loading and discharging.

  • Lesser mileage

    Dynamic belt routes planning decreases total mileage by up to 15% in comparison with manual planning and takes into account time windows, speed and traffic restrictions, types and availability of vehicles.

  • Arrival time notifications

    The system can automatically send sms or email to customers with information about the order and scheduled arrival time. So customer knows time of order delivery, which reduces standing time and improves customer’s loyalty.

  • Route sheets and mobile application

    Completed route sheet can be transferred to the accounting system, stored as a csv file, printed out via Excel or uploaded to our Android mobile app. Our app also serves as a tracker and navigator, as well as means to communicate and obtain feedback from the customer.

  • Plan/actual and complex analytics

    Plan/actual comparison is necessary to monitor routes realization and mileage and time deviations. The data on actual movement of vehicles can be obtained through existing tracking system or our mobile application. Also, the system offers a comprehensive set of analytical objects for an in-depth analysis, including costs assessment for each order realization.


ABM Rinkai TMS is the best-in-class automatic route planning system

How the software works?

  • Does not depend on the employees’ qualifications

    Planning is performed in just one click. The planning process is systematized; therefore human factor is completely eliminated. System provides easy control of logisticians and drivers work.

  • Engaging only necessary transport

    System always uses only the most cost-effective transport resources. For those managing own fleet it helps to reduce the number of vehicles or to expand coverage without increasing the fleet. If you hire third party transport it always chooses the best option.

  • The best possible routes, with due regard to the constraints

    When calculating the route the system takes into account all the constraints, such as warehouse capacity, available vehicles, their overall weight and size and cost specifics, time windows and other order restrictions and road speed factors. As a result, the system offers 10 best route options in terms of cost and realization of all orders.

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*Calculation is based on our experience of implementing the system in different companies and is actually approximate. The calculation takes into account average costs on vehicle operation, cost of implementation and service fee for the System, data from completed projects about achieved fuel economy and cost savings. Learn more about which effects and results your company obtain with implementation of ABM Rinkai!

Interested in our TMS system? Learn how to optimize transport logistics in your company with ABM Rinkai!

Companies that already use ABM Rinkai TMS

What do customers say?

Thanks to the dynamic route planning in ABM Rinkai TMS: The company reduced total mileage by 14%; Sales increased by 30% in 2 years; While the fleet has increased by only 10% over 2 years.


The implementation of the cloud solution for dynamic routes planning provided the following results: Delivery expenses decreased by 13%; Delivery delays decreased by 80%; The sales increased by 11% in 6 months.

METRO Cash & Carry Slovakia и Makro Cash & Carry Czech METRO и Makro Cash & Carry

Delivery routes optimization using ABM Rinkai TMS features reduced the following costs: 2 vehicles were sold immediately after the software implementation; One more car was sold after GPS-trackers installation.

DLC Napajedla


The software solution was developed in the Czech Republic and includes the maximum set of high-performance easy-to-use tools that have proven their worth in practical terms