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ABM Rinkai TMS — fast planning of the best routes


ABM Rinkai TMS is the best-in-class automatic route planning system. It is proved by the comparison of capability and efficiency of the transport management systems offered by the market.

Customers’ database support

ABM Rinkai TMS allows you to store the customer address and location information, working hours, time spent at the client’s site, restrictions and contacts. You can see the location on the map and edit it if necessary. Customers’ locations are usually automatically downloaded from accounting system (for example, 1C). In case there are no geo-coordinates, you can do geo-coding his address.

Selecting orders for planning

The customers’ locations are tied to orders on specific days so that the goods can be delivered or collected or sales representative’s visit can be scheduled. Each order includes weight and size parameters and the time window, as well as restrictions connected with the type of goods. To plan a route, you can select all the orders for the specific date or add other filters.


Available vehicles/employees

ABM Rinkai TMS has all details about available vehicles and employees, such as the overall weight and size parameters, time constraints, various cost options, speed factors and other parameters. Also, you can specify can specify the identification tracker or mobile application to receive data from GPS about the actual movement of car/employee.

Route planning

User sees all information in a single window: warehouse operation, available vehicles, scheduled and non-scheduled orders, map and functional keys. The process of planning is done by pressing the key”Optimize”, the system then calculates and offers up to 10 best route plans, sorted by expenses.

Information about engaged cars

The interactive table accumulates all the details on vehicle selected by the system or by employees and summary of the routes. All routes can be viewed on the map. If necessary, you can manually change the routes, but the system will let you know if any violations occur or restrictions were not fulfilled.

Analyze to save

The system generates a wide range of on-line reports on orders, customers, and costs, which assists logistician in revealing additional opportunities for savings. It is an effective tool for comparative analysis when there is an acceptable violation of restrictions or unplanned orders appear, or there are orders to reschedule.

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Plan/actual comparison

In case you use GPS tracker or our mobile app ABM Rinkai TMS automatically compares the actual route with the planned one. It highlights backlog orders, delays, deviations from the plan and unplanned stops. All actual information is aggregated in analytical reports.

Wide settings

ABM Rinkai TMS allows you to customize your own units of measurement (pallets, boxes, bottles, etc.) and indicate their weight, volume, other parameters, and automatically calculated time for loading/dispatching. General control panel allows you to keep an eye on key performance indicators and quickly change any parameters used in planning.

What do customers say?

Thanks to the dynamic route planning in ABM Rinkai TMS: The company reduced total mileage by 14%; Sales increased by 30% in 2 years; While the fleet has increased by only 10% over 2 years.


The implementation of the cloud solution for dynamic routes planning provided the following results: Delivery expenses decreased by 13%; Delivery delays decreased by 80%; The sales increased by 11% in 6 months.

METRO Cash & Carry Slovakia и Makro Cash & Carry Czech METRO и Makro Cash & Carry

Delivery routes optimization using ABM Rinkai TMS features reduced the following costs: 2 vehicles were sold immediately after the software implementation; One more car was sold after GPS-trackers installation.

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